Tools for all purposes

We offer an extensive selection of high-quality tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of security installation professionals and everyday users alike. As an integral part of Poinger, a leading provider of security systems, our tool collection encompasses everything from essential screwdrivers and screws to specialized equipment required for seamless security system installations. Whether you’re a security installer seeking professional-grade tools or an individual looking for reliable everyday tools, we’ve got you covered. Explore our range, which includes precision instruments for security setup and various gardening tools, drills, and more. At Poinger, we’re committed to equipping you with the tools you need to achieve excellence in security and beyond.

Measurement and verification equipment for grounding systems

We offer professional tools to ensure the proper verification and installation of Lightning Protection and Grounding systems. Accuracy and precision are very important for grounding, and we are dedicated to equipping our customers with the necessary tools for efficient and reliable installations.

Network tools

Our range of specialized network tools are designed to ensure the seamless verification of networks. From LAN cable testers to Fiber Optic Test Kits, our selection also features equipment for cleaning and inspection of plugs and couplings.

Cleaning devices

For dust or water, the home or the workshed, small or big areas, it makes no difference – We offer wet, dry and ash vacuum cleaners for all applications.

Paint Spray Systems

Find exactly what you need for any application including interior wall paints, lacquers or glazes. One system does it all.

Woodworking Machines

We offer high-performance saws and stationary woodworking machines. Our machines deliver reliable performance and excellent results – including an outstanding price/performance ratio.

Gardening tools

Our gardening tools cover lawn and soil care, tree and shrub care, and watering needs. From lawnmowers to hedge trimmers and pumps, we’ve got your garden needs covered!

Tool Accesories

The right accessory for every tool and every area of application. You will find a wide range of bits and attachments for hammer drills and cordless screwdrivers, , as well as versatile accessories and accessories for our cleaning equipment.

Power tools

Discover a wide range of power tools in our catalog. From drills to saws, impact drivers to nailers, we’ve got the tools you need for your projects. Quality and variety at your fingertips!

Hand tools

Explore our extensive range of hand tools, from pliers and knives to screwdrivers, clamps, hammers, hand saws, measuring tools, masonry tools, and more. Whatever your project, we have the right tools to get it done efficiently.

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