Security Centralization

Controlling your security from one place

Experience the extraordinary power of our Control Software that enables centralized control of different security facilities without limits. Our comprehensive solution integrates CCTV, Fire Detection Systems, Intrusion Alarm Systems, and Access Control, providing unparalleled control and management capabilities. With our innovative features and advanced technology, we ensure the highest level of security and protection for your premises.

Key Features

Powerful Control Software

Our Control Software offers robust features and functionalities that empower you to fully control your security infrastructure. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive controls, you can manage and monitor your security systems from a centralized location.

Exceptional Integration Capabilities (CCTV, SACI, SADI, CA)

Our Security Centralization solution excels in integrating CCTV systems, intrusion alarms, access control systems, and fire alarms. Seamlessly unite these critical security components into one comprehensive plan. Benefit from enhanced situational awareness, simplified management, and swift response to security incidents. 

Flexible Programming Options

Customize your security system with our flexible programming options. Choose between local or remote programming, allowing you to configure and adjust settings according to your preferences. This flexibility ensures easy system management and efficient operation.

Centralized Control without Limits

Our Security Centralization solution allows you to control and manage various security facilities without limitations. Whether you have multiple locations, buildings, or departments, our software provides seamless integration, ensuring efficient and effective security management across your entire organization.

Integration of CCTV

Our Security Centralization solution seamlessly integrates with your CCTV systems, enabling real-time monitoring, recording, and playback functionalities. You can control an unlimited number of cameras, ensuring comprehensive surveillance coverage. Monitor multiple camera feeds simultaneously and respond promptly to security incidents for enhanced safety.

Wired or Wireless Point Configuration

Choose the configuration that suits your needs with our flexible wired or wireless point options. Whether you prefer the reliability of wired connections or the flexibility of wireless installations, our solution accommodates both, allowing you to tailor the system to your specific requirements.

Centralized Security System

Management software that supports and integrates various security systems, SACI, SADI, Access Control, CCTV, Barriers, etc

Unlimited Solutions

Centralized control of different unlimited security installations and devices integrated into the system.


The system also offers the facility of creating a location map with the representation of the devices for a better understanding of their distribution.

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