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About Us​

13 Years of Providing Quality and Reliable Service for the Cuban Market.

We provide security solutions and products for all types of facilities, such as surveillance camera systems (CCTV), fire protection, anti-intrusion systems, access control, lightning protection, grounding systems, and a high range of installation tools, network products, and computer equipment, as well as its components.

We have all the certifications, homologations, and authorizations that the law indicates to operate as a security company. Our goal is to support clients in all phases of the project: through training, projection, and verification of work execution.

We offer all products and materials necessary for the complete installation of security systems, including hardware and a wide range of tools, installation materials, cables, screws, etc.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your security needs.​

Our Contributions​

Security Systems we offer!​

We offer comprehensive CCTV systems for all your security needs, with a wide range of cameras and functionalities. We have over 80 CCTV systems successfully installed in Cuba.

Our alarm systems are reliable and secure, protecting properties from unauthorized entry with precise detectors and capable software. They allow you to rest assured that your premises are protected.

Our system provides secure access control, allowing you to track who enters and leaves your building. Our system is tailored to fit your needs and is designed for reliability and simplicity, allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

Our advanced systems use sensors to detect smoke and heat from fires, alerting you in time for a quick response. Our knowledgeable team is here to help you find the best system for your needs.

We provide External and Internal Lightning Protection, as well as Grounding systems to ensure the safety of your building from electrical shock or fire.

With our system, you can easily monitor your premises from any location. Our system sends an alert to your phone or email when an alarm or motion is detected. The system is also connected to monitoring centers for fast response in case of emergency.

Need Help with Easier Security Solutions? We Are Experts!​

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